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3G Conference

With the latest 3G phones featuring video call and with continuous innovation the to new high speed wireless network, video call conferencing was a thing waiting to happen. Just like the GSM call conference or 3 way calling, 3 parties at the same time can now talk to each other in real time and receive video. The old conference voice call allows a third party to join an active phone call and also it may allow that party to speak and be heard and not just listen to the conversation. The new 3G conference calls also would like to achieve this adding video to the actual call. We often times have seen this kind of communication in sci fi movies but this has become a reality with developments in wireless cellular technology. Now dubbed as 3G videoconferencing, a lot of service providers around the world have integrated conferencing network to their existing system in order to offer this new service. It all starts when a video call is made from one 3G phone to another. The live transmission may be putted on hold by the caller or the receiver and a new video call will be made. Once connected, the original transmission can now be resumes and incorporated to the new one making three parties in one call.

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