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3G Video Call

3G video call is one of the most important features of UMTS technology. During the time of 2G, cellular phone manufacturers started to incorporate digital cameras to their phones giving it more functionality and edge over the other cellular phones. It allowed phone users to take still pictures and store, edit and transfer it from their phones.

With natural technological evolution, cellular phones where bound to have digital video capture functions. 3G phones now are equipped with cameras to capture still images and video much better than its predecessors. And with a much wider network to handle large data transfer, such as video files, sharing of these files is made even easier. Video call on the other hand, makes all of this transmission in real time. It allows a caller to transmit a video that is being shot at the same time he is making the call. Some phones may have 2 camera lens, allowing the phone to capture video on different directions and some phones have adjustable lens to serve different purposes. A typical 3G video call starts with the caller shooting the video of him self while making the call and on the other end of the line, the receiver who also must have a 3G enabled phone, is viewing the caller on his phone. To complete the conversation, he too is taking a video of himself and also transmitting it to other line. The process is done in real time.

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