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Cell phone basics

Most manufacturers today are trying to develop cell phones that are user friendly so that it will make itself appealing to the mass market. Even with basic instructional booklets included, some consumers fail to read this and often times end up using the phone the wrong way. Here are some basic phone functions that you must bear in mind.

You should remember that a brand new phone battery will not perform at its peak if not discharged and charge properly. Do this exercise a few times after you first charge the cell phone battery. The phone is primarily intended to make voice calls, wherein you will also hear the other party you are calling. Each phone user is assign a phone number so people can reach them through this identification. Dial the desired number accordingly and if the receiver is connected to the network, he or she will receive your call.

Sending a text message or a multimedia message is another cellphone basic operation. Its basically done the same way as a call, wherein you input your message and send it to your receivers number. Other functions like surfing the web or using WAP depends if your service provider is capable of handling these kinds of services.

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