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Contract for cellphone

Service providers always comes up with different cellular phone contracts to entice would be subscribers to buy in to their promotion. In some regions of the world, one can just pick up a phone unit from independent retailers and just buy a prepaid SIM card and prepaid credits to load it into the phone. This way, the user doesnt necessarily need a contract with the service provider to go into for him to use the services.

But for all postpaid subscribers, they must enter to an agreement with the provider in order to use their services. It usually is one year to two years long, where the users agrees to pay the suggested monthly service fee and other additional surcharges like international calls, internet browsing, wap downloads, etc. Some of the plans usually come with a free handset that is covered by a warrantee but is irreplaceable if it is lost.

The units are programmed to accept only the sim card that the provider uses and can not be used to accept other sim cards from other subscribers during the contract period. Some premium subscribers enjoy additional benefits like lower international call rates but these costs are incorporated in a cell phone contract as higher monthly subscription fee.

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