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Accessories for phones

Most of us with cell phones usually look for accessories that would expand the capability of our phones. These enhancements are made to suit different needs. The first thing that users must have is a spare battery. Actually considered as a part, having a back up battery is very good especially for people who constantly use their phones and for those who travel regularly. Some replacement batteries in fact last longer than the ones that come in with the phone.

The next important accessory is a headset. It allows you to communicate without putting your phone near your ear and your mouth. It works through an ear plug so you can hear the other line and a microphone so you can speak. Older phone models utilize wired headsets wherein you can just plug it in and leave your phone in your pocket or your bag, and receive calls through controls in the headset itself.

With the onset of new technologies for cellular phone accessories, latest phones use Bluetooth to connect a wireless headset to the phone. Both headsets not only handle phone calls but if the phone is capable of playing digital audio like MP3 and WMA, you can also listen to music as well. The headset is also useful for people on the go but not advisable for those who drive, an alternate accessory can be bought for those who cant avoid using their phone while driving. These are called car solutions kit but it is limited to Bluetooth enabled phones only.

A lot of cellular phones nowadays double as a digital camera, a video cam and even an mp3 player as accessories. The built in storage space or memory isnt enough to store our pictures, videos and music files. This is where the expansion cards come in. These cards allow people to carry and store more files in their phones. It comes in different capacities that are measured in megabytes much like computer memory sticks. Also it comes in different format as phones differ from the memory slot that they use. It is very useful for people who like to shoot pictures and videos and for those who like their on their music on the go.

To transfer files between your phone and a computer you need to have a data transfer cable. Also it depends upon the brand you use. It can move files from your phone or vise versa. It is useful to free up storage space in your phone and uploading music files as well. Other accessories available include replacement face covers, carrying cases and straps and other protective cases. Just remember to get authentic cell phone accessories so that it will come with a warrantee.

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