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Bluetooth phone

The Cellular phone has become a very powerful tool in exchanging information may it be through the wireless network or through other type of data connection. One type of this connection is Bluetooth, which was developed through a consortium of manufacturers to develop a widely accepted personal area network system. It was developed in order for devices like mobile phones, personal computers and laptops, PDAs, printers and even video game consoles to communicate and exchange information with each other. The Bluetooth system fits the mobile phone perfectly since it has added capabilities of data handling. Information from a phone may need to be extracted to another device and the wireless Bluetooth network allows for a smooth and safe transfer of files from the source to the target device. Here are some of the benefits that mobile phone users also gets when using Bluetooth:

- Hands free phone operation via a headset paired with the phone

- Transfer of important data like contact details, reminders and calendar notes

- Transfer of multimedia files like pictures, video and audio files

- For some MP3 phones, there are new car stereos which allows streaming of music from the phone via a Bluetooth connection

Unlike its predecessor, the infrared port, phones doesnt need to be aligned with each other or with the receiver in order to create a connection. Bluetooth creates a network that can be as far as 100 meters from the source depending on how powerful the device is. Once inside the personal network, devices can be paired with the source and up to seven devices can connect to it. Each Bluetooth transmission contains information like the gadgets name, its class, the services that it can offer and other technical information. Once received, it is processed and is used to pair the devices with each other and start using the services that is offered by each device. Some devices may have security checks and will ask first if you want to give permission to the connecting device and vice versa. Another benefit is that it allows phones with digital cameras to send the images directly to a Bluetooth enabled printer, so that you can print it directly there without transferring it to a computer or a laptop. Not to be confused with Wi Fi even though they have some things in common, Bluetooth fits most cell phones because of its easy setup and ease in information exchange.

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