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CDMA Basics - Code Division Multiple Access

CDMA is built around the 3g cellular network and aims to provide the consumers with the following benefits. It claims to be 4 to 5 times faster than GSM in terms of voice and data transmission. It also claims to have better voice transmission quality and better sound since it uses all the available frequency in the network where unlike GSM, transmissions are grouped through different frequencies (GSM 900, 1800).

This is done because several cell sites are monitoring your call and whenever it needs to pass on the call to another cell site, it performs a soft hand over which claims to reduce the incidence of calls being dropped. Better data handling with the improved security measures that are being taken. CDMA also gives cell sites a much wider range thus eliminating unnecessary sites ensuing providers to lessen their cell sites meaning less operational expenses for them and lower service fee for us subscribers. And with the wider capacity to handle information, subscribers can log in anytime without delays.

Putting it in simple terms, it hopes to improve on the narrowband that many cellular networks are using right now and develop it into high speed broadband network with no holdups. This is the biggest selling point for this new technology with the growing numbers of users and the different needs they present to the service providers. You have to ask how to they speed it up.

Comparing the actual process between GSM and CDMA, where the first one allocates a certain amount of time to the users along the network where it can send and receive its data. CDMA on the other hand only gives the user access when they are only actually using it; this allows other users to access the network. These means that when we are having a phone conversation, the only time we are actually using the network is when we are talking. This means that phones use less power during the communication thus resulting in longer battery life.

For manufacturers, this means they can design light weight phones with smaller battery packs because of the reduced amount in power to perform certain cell phone functions. Also because of this reason, packet data transfer using this network will be much faster and cheaper because the network has a built in internet protocol wherein cdma enabled units can access to. These units have built in internet protocols or programs of there own much like our Windows or Macintosh machines at home.

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