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With many network operators upgrading their facilities to adopt Code Division Multiplexing Access (CDMA) for a much broader system, it is not surprising that most of them have started to introduce Evolution Data Optimized or EVDO for high speed mobile internet access. The service is available in parts of Northern and Southern America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It was developed by Qualcomm in 1999 to achieve connection speeds of up to 2 megabits per second, a speed achievable through a wired DSL connection. The system is usually confused with a competing access, HSDPA which is the main information carrier for networks using W-CDMA. The main targets of this access are mobile business users who are dependent on the internet to carry out all their commercial transaction. Because of the fast link, users can instantly access the web, their email, databases and even graphic heavy sites thus improving their efficiency. Aside from cellular phones, there are also modems developed for notebooks and desktops for it to utilize the service as well. One network provider positions EVDO as the best mobile internet access to aide businesses in their revenue generating applications.

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