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Cell Phone Area Codes

We are used to dialing country codes and area codes on our telephones if we want to talk to someone. For those inside a single coverage area, sometimes dialing only the telephone number is required, The specific codes are assigned to each country and region for calls to be directed to them. Its like a mail zip code, where it makes the delivery of the mail faster by using a zip code along with the actual address.

The set of numbers are internationally accepted but it is also changed a lot of times to suit all coverage extensions. There are often instances that a large city may have multiple area codes because of its demographic layout. The cellular phones adhere with these standards along with their own. Cellular phones in some region starts with a network assigned set of numbers to set it apart from the other providers in the region.

Dialing these set of numbers plus the actual cellphone number allows the caller to connect to the intended receiver. Same thing when you want to send a text or multimedia message. If roaming is not allowed and you want to call a cell phone thats outside your region, an area code will be required. The dialing sequence starts with the country code (if you want to call someone outside your country) and then the network phone code then the actual phone number. You can connect through the area code if the intended receiver is under the networks coverage which is not limited in one area. Whereas compared to fixed phone lines, the area code is required to lead the call to a specific location which is usually a state or a city. You can always check phonebooks for codes and if you can not find it there try www.countrycallingcodes.com. There are numerous sites in the web that lists down almost all important area and country codes in the world. Other good sited includes fonefinder.net, whitepages.com and searchdetective.net. Some of these sites even offer private phone number detection through reverse cell phone searches. Off course all of the services are to be paid for. For those posting free services, just input the country of origin and destination and it will automatically give you the codes. If you often make calls to different countries it is good to make a list of the most common dialed country codes and store it in your SIM or phone memory for easier access. Some phones in the market even have embedded dialing programs that includes numerous country and area1 codes.

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