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Cell Phone in Korea

The Korean cell phone market has one of the biggest numbers of subscribers in the Asian region. With South Korea alone having an estimated population of 49 million and a bustling economy to boot, the country has become a feasible place for both local and foreign investors. LG electronic has been synonymous with Korean produced electronic devices. Covering almost all known gadgets from television to washing machines. Its not surprising that they continue on their electronic expertise in developing cellular phones. They were declared the fifth largest mobile phone manufacturers in 2004 with phones models ranging from basic handsets to high end devices. And with its initial venture of CDMA phones to Central Europe, it has captured a large part of the 3G market. LG cellphones introduced the sliding design wherein the keyboard and some other parts are concealed and is accessible by sliding the front of back portion of the phone. The three main players in the Korean cell phone service sector are SKT, KTF and LGT. SK telecom is considered having the largest number of subscribers. They have recently partnered with Motorola to provide new models to its growing number of users. KTFs strength is on its broadband service while LG telecom, a company owned and controlled by LG electronics, offers a variety of downloadable information from banking news to music content.

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