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Cell Phone in Singapore

The providers of Cell phones in Singapore are very important for its economy. The country island of Singapore has been a focal point of trade and commerce in the Southeast Asian Region for the past couple of decades. Its structured government has transformed this small island group into one of the most recognized economy in the world. It is not surprising that the telecommunication industry in this country is one of the most advanced network in the world. Even though there isnt a full processing plant present in Singapore, a lot of cell phone manufacturers have district offices present there where it presides over the Asian market. Nokia for instance have moved their regional office to Singapore to facilitate their Asian operations. Most subscribers use Singapore telecoms (SingTel) services which receives the highest satisfaction rating in 2003 according to an independent market study. A unique service is called pay as you go, which is basically the same as prepaid service but SingTel has incorporated the credit reloading process with the Top card system. The top card holds credit that can be used for different purposes and in this case, credit reloading is done conveniently over the net. Other notable cell phone Singapores providers are M1 and Starhub which offers the same services.

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