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Cell Phone in Taiwan

The small island nation of Taiwan is one of the top producers of electrical components and devices in Asia. It has hosted electronics process plants that supplies parts to every major manufacturer around the world. Cell phone manufacturers included, Taiwan is the worlds largest source for phone PCBs along with South Korea and Japan. An emerging player in the cellular phone market is BenQ which is based in this coutry. Formerly a part of the Siemens group of companies, BenQ has acquired the cell phone division in 2005and have made it its own. It has since produced GSM dual band phones and is now starting to roll out their 3G phones in to the market. Other phone producers include HTC, which is the leading provider of Windows Mobile phone in the world, and Asustek. The cell phone service industry has also enjoyed great success with the wide acceptance of mobile phone and the functions that it provides by users in the country. Leading the way is Chungwa Telecom with an estimated 7.86 million subscribers. Now known as Taiwan Telecom, it is a wholly owned government company. Services include a wide range for both GSM and 3G users. Other notable cell phone providers include Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone and KG Telecom.

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