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Cell phone tips

Cell phone has become some sort of an investment for us due to the many functions it offers. Until the new model comes out, we want to keep our phones working in tip top shape to take full advantage of all its features. Here are some useful tips in helping you maintain your phone in proper working order. First thing you have to know is battery cycle. With most phones using Lithium ion batteries, it is good to have a regular charge and discharge system to freshen up the battery cells. But for power hungry Smartphones, it is best to charge the battery regularly and dont wait for it to fully drain. This is because it is packed with so many functions that it needs a continuous power source to maintain all of its operation. Always keep your phone in a cool and dry place. Check the documentation for its specified temperature. Extreme temperatures and moisture are the most common cause of deterioration for most electronic gadgets. When using your phone be sure you have a good grip to it because dropping it not a good thing, remember that it contains small sensitive electronic parts. As last tip - get a good cell phone case to hold your phone when traveling and always keep it clean by using micro fiber cloths that are made specially for wiping off smudges in LCD screens and plastic surfaces.

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