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Cellphone CDMA

Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA is a cellular phone network technology that allows its user to connect to the network through different digital frequencies. Unlike GSM which uses specific frequencies (900, 1800 etc), CDMA can now accommodate more users at the same time giving them also faster access through the different frequencies available.

This allows better voice and data transfer. The network is widely used as the base for most 3G enabled phones because of its wider capacity. The main objective of this new technology is carrying multiple types of data (voice, text and video) all at once by tagging them as such so that it can be received and easily identified by the receiver.

Even though the cellphone CDMA technology seems very advanced, it traces its roots during the World War II when the English forces used the principles of the technology to send out radio messages that can not be decoded by anyone except its intended receiver. Bottom line is that this new technology offers a faster network for cell phone users to access and with its capacity; it allows for better data transfer by 3g enabled phones.

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