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Discharging battery

Why is it important to discharge battery for cell phones? One of the most important parts of your cellular phone is its battery. It is the lifeblood of the whole unit as it supplies power for it to perform its functions. Every cellphone package comes in with a battery with its initial charge. This is called factory charge where it is used to power up the unit for the first time and check if its functioning well.

The initial charge will only last for a short period of time and battery manufacturers had suggested to completely discharging the power before you first plug in your charger. This is important especially for new lithium batteries. The most common ones used for phones, because discharging before charging extends the life of the battery. All phone displays have power meter and even have warning tones so it will be easy for users to determine how much battery they still have.

Completely discharge your battery by letting the phone die down on its own. If the cellular doesnt power up anymore then the battery is completely discharged. Recharge it according to the manufacturers recommended charging time. Some phones have automatic cutoffs once the phone is fully charged. Try doing at least three of these from the initial use to condition the battery to its full potential.

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