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Google mobile, the search engine for mobile phones

One of the worlds largest internet search engine, Google has helped browsers in seeking out the information they need. With massive amounts of data available for the internet user, Google has simplified its search process to deliver quick and accurate results. The search can even be localized based on which country you are on. With the current trend of mobile internet, Google has ported itself to be used in mobile phones. Aside accessing its database of web pages, mobile users can also search for pages that are formatted specially for the mobile phone. The great thing about this is that it automatically fits the web pages to your phones small screen. Another important innovation they have added is the ability to customize you home page. Here you can actually put the links that you usually got into like your email, news and weather updates. The Email system too has been ported to fit the small screen. Gmail mobile allows you to access your mailbox and view attachments like picture, word documents and even Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The service is free, just sign up through their website. Instant news service is also available wherein you can search for different stories worldwide or have a customized account of what news stories you wish to receive.

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