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Google SMS service

Being one of the biggest search sites in the world, it has updated its service to include mobile phone users who would like to search out for certain information. The company created Google SMS and was initially released in the United States. What it does is it that it sends out results through a text message based on the search request that the network receives, also in the form of a text message. The service does not need an active internet connection, if the network you are using has partnered with Google to include them as part of their service, the subscribers can just key in the search string, just as you would do on a computer, and send it to the network specified number. The request in turn will be sent by the network to Google's Mobile network for the results. The results will not be in the form of links, like what we receive when we search on the computer, but it gives an accurate description of the information you are looking for. Here are things commonly requested through Google SMS: getting phone numbers for basic services such as food delivery, directions to a certain area, movie schedules and even weather updates. Find basic request strings over the web, after doing so just send it over to the appropriate number. In the US it is usually 46645.

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