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GSM - 2g technology

Global System for Mobile Communication or 2g technology is a network standard that is being used by most cellular service provider around the world. Because a lot of regions use the same technology, it allows interconnectivity to their users. It means you can use your GSM mobile phone wherever a network is present. This service is called roaming where one GSM network can partner with another from a different area to carry the voice or data transmission.

An important element in any GSM 2g technology network is the subscriber identity module where it is used by subscribers where it is unique based on the different networks available. It allows the user to store contact information to a smart card where you can use it any GSM enabled phone which is not sim locked. Once the card has been installed in to the unit, it automatically searches for the signal in which your phone can connect to the network.

Once connected you can use the phone to make calls and data transmission such as text and multimedia messaging. Other services that a GSM network can provide are call barring and forwarding, call waiting and call holding plus it also allows users to identify incoming calls through caller identity service. This is the base network where 2g technology was built upon on.

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