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Headset for cellphone

The headset has become an invaluable tool for the cell phone user since its introduction. Its main purpose is to allow users to receive and even make calls without touching the actual mobile phone. Conventional headsets are connected through wires that extends the phone's microphone and speaker into an earpiece and a boom microphone. The earpiece will let the user hear the other party and the microphone for sending out voice. Most headsets have a receive button installed wherein a call can be received by just pressing this button instead of the one in the phone. For some phones with voice dial features, the headset can also be used to instruct the phone to dial specific numbers that the users had identified with a voice tag. The wireless headset was introduced to cut down the wires and eliminate what people call cable spaghetti or cable clutter. Even though it was practical to use this wired headsets, we can not avoid tangling ourselves with these wires. So the Bluetooth headset was made to make it more convenient for the mobile phone owners to install a headset. Though the wireless one is a bit heavier than the previous version, it gives people freedom to move and use their hands however they want.

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