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How does a cell phone work?

Have you ever wondered how really your cell phone works? You must have made a hundred calls and text messages without really asking what happens when you call or send a message. This articled would like to give you a general idea of how the system works.

First lets look at the important factors involved in the process. First off course are the service providers where they set up base stations or cell towers to interconnect a certain area and connect it to the network. A station covers a certain area and is connected to the other stations so it can transfer what is has picked up. All of the bases are connected to main network where it will handle the call or data transfer if it is intended to be sent to a different region or service provider.

The cellular phones work as the transmitters which these cell sites pick up. If we want to make a call we dial the persons number and press send, which is actually what really happens. The cell phone sends the number to the cell site to its base station for it to connect to the intended party. Once connected the cell site that is nearest to the receiver will then send back the information that the phone has received the call and in turn will send back all data to the cell site nearest the caller. Even though it sounds so complicated, all of these are done in real time.

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