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Keyboard for cellphone

The cell phone key pad is the primary instrument of inputting text. Keys are mapped out so that users can easily identify what to push. Basic keys contain the numbers along with their alphabetical counterparts. Some of the keys are also used to operate on screen menus and some of it can be used to navigate through the menus as displayed on the screen.

Most of the keys are self explanatory like select, back or delete and power on or off. The numeric keys are placed accordingly like a regular telephone and are used just like one. Inputting other characters such as letters or punctuation marks require additional key strokes that usually call for the user to strike the key several times or push a special key to go to a special menu.

Some phone models have the QWERTY keypad which is based on the typewriter or computer keyboard. This eliminates repeated key press to input characters by giving them dedicated keys. Some newer phone models which also functions as a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or a Pocket PC uses external cellular phone keyboards aside from the ones they already have. This helps the user to take advantage of the phones features through an additional input instrument.

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