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Lithium battery for cellphones

The lithium battery is one of the most important parts of the cellular phone. It provides power to the unit for it to perform its specified functions. Without it the phone is practically useless. It's like the lifeblood that supplies energy to the whole thing. A standard cell phone pack includes a rechargeable battery and its charge, but users may prefer to us official of third party batteries based on the phone manufacturers specifications.

The Lithium ion battery was purposely developed for consumer electronics. Because of its important properties such as maintaining minimal energy loss when not in use and energy to weight ratio, it has become the popular choice for most manufacturers. Due to the high demand of lightweight phones that will include almost all phone features, developers look for a power source that will not only supply enough electrical energy to the phone to power up all of its features but also a power source that will not tremendously increase the overall weight of the phone. The main difference of this battery from the others is its lifespan. Compared to other batteries which has 10 to 30% discharge rate, lithium ion battery only has a 5% self discharge rate if taken care off well. Manufacturers also tells us that Li-ion battery do not experience the memory effect, a occurrence in batteries wherein it holds less charge as specified resulting in shorter performance for the electrical gadget.

To prolong the life of the lithium battery, developers have sent out tips in taking care of it. Here are the most important guidelines to keep in mind. A new battery will only perform at its peak after several charge & discharge cycle. "Do not fully discharge the battery", a fully depleted Li-ion battery may result in damaged power cells. The ones that comes in with the phone has an initial factory charge, just enough to power up the phone for checking. Always keep your phone in a cool and dry place. Check the phone's documentation for the ideal temperature wherein the phone can be stored and used. Avoid putting it in hot spots like your car's dashboard as cases of battery exploding has been reported due to exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight. Just follow these simple tips in taking care of your phone's battery and you'll see the benefits it will give you. If you have any concerns that are not in the phone manual, you can always contact their technical support staff for further details.

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