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PDA features

The Personal Digital Assistant is a very powerful commercial tool that professionals often use to aide them in their daily routines. It usually contains business contacts, schedules and a calendar of events, all with high importance for the user. It has become a model for current smart phones on what features it has to include to be commercially successful. Here are some features that are commonly seen in both Smartphones that where introduced earlier for the PDA. The Operating System, PDA systems has been updated to include mobile phone functionality. The leading PDA developer Palm, has ported their OS and developed the Treo 700p. The company's first ever smartphone PDA combo. Memory expansion slots are also an important factor with the growing demand for a bigger storage capacity. Some Smartphones also comes with a QWERTY keyboard for easier input. With the new 3G network, fast internet access can also be achieved through built in modems. Other standard features includes a music player and other multimedia file player, voice recorder and a digital camera. The digital camera however was s staple for cellular phones much as it did in the PDA. There are also some phones equipped with GPS connectivity.

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