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Ringtone midi files

Mobile phone technology today has focused itself into being a full functioning multimedia gadget. It has received numerous innovations to handle different file formats. One aspect of the phone that has received much attention is its audio capabilities. From the days of the mono tone phone where the ringing tone is actually s single string of notes, it has come a long way that it has even duplicated the sounds we often hear coming out from a CD player. The Musical Interface Digital Interface (MIDI files) format was used during the 2g era up to the early stages of 3G. It is a widely accepted audio format that has been used for many applications. The native Windows Audio player uses the format to signify if an action is done or something is needed to be done. The file combines different strings of notes and synthesizes it to produce a more pleasant sounding tone. It also includes instruction for the pitch, the tempo and other musical properties. The file is created by connecting a musical instrument, usually an electronic organ, to a computer via a MIDI connector. After inputting the notes, it can then be manipulated in different ways to create a MIDI files audio format. It became so popular for phone users because the sound it produces is close to duplicating the one's it tries to mimic.

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