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Smartphone Backup

With phones nowadays becoming more features packed and efficient as our portable or desktop pc, data handling has become one of its main priorities. With all the different information that is stored in its memory, an error is always bound to happen and for those not so tech savvy users, this has become a dilemma. Remember one of the golden rule in data storage is backup, and this too is applicable for all mobile phones specially smartphones. Information comes in different forms, it may individual files that we received through data connection or through the internet or files that we actually created using the programs embedded in these phones like word files. There are also individual files that we capture like a video or a picture or even a sound recording. There are also group of files which forms a program, this are the files we use in order to run a specific function. A mobile game for example is composed of a group of files which when launched, performs their individual task to operate the whole program which the user can now interact with.

Data are stored in the memory and there are two types: the internal phone memory and an expansion memory module which comes in the form of different memory cards, some are specific to certain brands. For smartphone which usually synchronizes data with a PC or a laptop, its best to backup data to your computer hard drive. This is done through software that are bundled along with the phone when you purchase them or through some licensed or freeware programs. Its up to the user which program suites his need. Individual files and data like memos, dates and phone numbers are easy to backup as you can just copy and store them, while for the programs a restore point is determined so if something goes wrong, you can just revert to it. It works the same as the Windows restore program, where it creates a restore point where it can go back to whenever an error occurs. But for some damaged programs, reinstalling it may be the only solution. Another way of backing up smartphones data is through the use of the external memory module.

Memory cards come in different forms like Multimedia card, Secure digital card and for Sony Ericcson phones, the Memory stick. The cards have different capacities that are measure in megabytes. There are smartphone backup programs that allow the user to save directly to the memory card and also allow them to be retrieved if its needed.

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