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Smartphone email

Smartphones today are becoming more and more comparable to the computer in terms of functionality, so it does not come as a surprise that the mobile phone is able to do almost everything that the computer can. One such operation is email. With the introduction of high speed mobile internet, users will never feel unattached because of anytime and anywhere access that it offers. Web based email services such as Yahoo mail, Hotmail and Gmail has become very popular because it is free to use. Anytime you have an internet connection, you can just go to their site and log on to check your mailbox. With larger screens, smart phones are able to display email attachments like picture and videos in a much better format. There are also private commercial networks that allow mobile users to connect to the main email network through the internet. Many multinational companies have included this in their mainframe for their outbound connections. Smartphones running on windows mobile are equipped with the latest version of Microsoft outlook mobile which automatically connects to the Microsoft Network to check for any new emails.

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