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Smartphone Remote Control

Imagine controlling your PC or any other gadgets with your smartphone as remote control unit. Sounds like an impossible taught but developers have released software that adds this function to many smartphone. Several development companies have release programs for the PC that allows it to be paired with a smartphone an act as its remote control. The phone may also require some program installation, but once paired through any wireless connection, the two devices can now interact with each other.

One such program is called Compact remote 1.0 which is free to try, allows the user to control some programs like media player and winamp wherein you can have complete control of the programs without using the mouse or the keyboard. You can adjust the volume if youre listening to music or skip a scene if youre watching a DVD. It also controls Power point slide show that conveniently allows the user to browse through the document by using the scroll button on the smartphone. It can even shut down the computer. Another program called Remoto 2.0, claims to give the users full control of pc applications through the phone. The advantage of this one is that it allows you to customize the commands for every application that is compatible. Imagine controlling a video game with your phone, you can just sit back and use the buttons on your phone to control the action on screen. Both programs also allow activesync through the phone since it already has an active data connection. All of these functions can be done within the connection range of the two devices. Check the manuals for range specifications and interferences that it may encounter.

The infrared transceiver has always been a standard feature of most phones; it has been widely used to quickly transfer data from one phone to another. It uses line of sight wherein the receivers must be aligned with each other to establish a connection. This technology is the same as those used in TV or DVD player remote. So what some developers did was make a program that allows the phone to transmit commands to infrared controlled devices like a Television or a CD player. Once such program is VITO remote for smartphone 1.0. Once installed on the phone, it emulates the buttons on a standard remote controller so that it can run the device that is assigned. It also maps out different sets of buttons for several devices so that you can put away all of your remote control and have your smartphone handle all your devices.

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