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Smartphone RSS

There are several smartphone RSS information systems available. With the emergence of the internet as a primary source of information, people have learned to depend on it for different needs. It also delivers information in different ways according to how users would like to receive it. The email has become a powerful tool to send and receive information and has become a key tool in commercial interaction. Information websites like online stores send out emails to their subscribers on a regular basis to keep them informed. There are also some news receive sites wherein they keep you up to date with current events. But the email has also been the main carrier for computer viruses and worms. Because of its limited security and simple encryption, these viruses always find a way to attach themselves to the email and onto your computer where it causes more harm. Antivirus developers have always been on their toes to combat these kinds of files and keep computer users away from damages that viruses can do. Since the internet has also been widely used by the mobile phone owners, it to is vulnerable to this kind of harm. Although not as widespread compared to computer users, phone users are also warned about this problem.

A new way to receive information was developed in the mid 90s and started to gain popularity coming to the new millennium. RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a system wherein subscribers can receive updated information from a publisher whose main function is to gather servers of this information and make a list for the subscribers to choose from. This way the end users get to pick what kind of information they will be receiving. This data is called web feed which often takes the form of news events and blogs. A simple program must be installed in the end users machine for it to connect to the publisher to get fresh information about subject he has preselected. This type of connection is safer because the subscriber doesnt have to give his email address, limiting the threat connected to it. With smartphones able to function more and more like our desktop and laptop pc and its ability to connect to the internet via the new high speed wireless network, RSS has also been ported to a format where mobile phones can run the program. As early as 2003, RSS has been available for mobile users and has been continuously upgraded to support new 3g smartphones. Because of the simple format the information comes in, the smartphones operating system is perfect in this kind of data transfer.

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