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SMS server

The SMS server or service center is that part of the wireless cellular network that sends out the text messages that it receives. It is like a catch basin wherein it receives all the messages and pours it out to individual recipients. Once a text message is composed and sent, the center gets it and immediately forwards it to the number intended. It works on a store and forward automatic operation to avoid delays. In cases where the recipient is not available, the system also is program to hold on to the message for a specified duration where it tries to send it out several times before it cancels the message if the recipient can not be contacted. It also handles bulk transmission of sms usually done by an automated source for mass distribution of information like advertisements.

The general SMS server utility is often supplied by third party software developer to mobile phone network providers. It customizes the software in order to fit in with the networks capability and limitation. It may be programmed on how many sms it will handle and how long will be its store and forward system be. There are also several independent companies that work together with the network provider to support them in their information on demand service. Once the request is received by the network it then forwards it to the third party's sms server and then does the appropriate action to send out the information. Common information on demand includes breaking news, business and sports results, traffic updates and even fun stuff like daily horoscopes and inspirational quotes. Theses companies can also receive text messages in favor of the network providers. This is commonly used in text voting, just like the ones used in reality television shoes like American Idol. They usually employ an abbreviated set of number which is unique for every network server. This kind of service is also used for promotional purposes or other data on demand service like multimedia downloads where the request is text based. There are also several SMS server software available that is specifically written for use with a local area network. Because the file format is similar to instant messaging or email, SMS can also be used to communicate between computers which are connected to a common area. The software allows for faster transmission and reception of the message. Coupled with a gateway, the message can actually be sent outside the LAN to any mobile phone.

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