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UMTS Data Transfer

With the emergence of 3g technology and the need to transfer huge amounts of voice and data over a wireless network, continuous innovation has been made to packet based transmission of voice, text and multimedia files or the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System or UMTS.

Packet based transmission or packet data transfer utilizing UMTS is much faster as compared to General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) under a GSM network. Calculated transfer rate for UMTS is about 2 megabits per second which means that users can send huge amounts of data at the same time because the capacity of the network has been widened to accommodate it. Think of it as a broadened highway and the vehicles traveling on it as data.

What GPRS has done before, UMTS is doing it now for the newer phone models. With the data transfer speed that it is offering, some mobile phone manufacturers has integrated internet capabilities with their phones to connect over this network via a Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) with ease and with 3g features such as video calls and improved Multimedia messaging, networks must be ready to accommodate large amount of data that is being transmitted by these 3g enabled phones.

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