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UMTS Internet

UMTS internet technology is almost as fast as DSL. Being a new mobile system developed for 3G technology, UMTS has been widely used in some European regions and has been tagged as 3GSM because it is hailed as the successor to the 2G system of GSM. Basically it works on the principles of the GSM network making major enhancements on the networks data transfer capability. Current setup is expected to give speeds up to 1.4 megabits/second but most phones connect at a speed of 384 kilobits/second at the moment. This is a big step up from GSM which offers only up to 14.4 kilobits/second. Most service providers who up upgraded their system also have adopted High Speed Downlink Packet Access to further enhance connection speed to offer subscribers faster internet connection. Most 3G phones are equipped with web browsers in order to connect to the internet and perform other net related activities such as file downloading, chat and video & audio streaming.

Depending on the brand you use, some mobile web browsers includes Opera Mobile, Thunderhawk Web browser and Deepfish from Microsoft. Much like the web browsers we use on our computers, it connects itself to the networks internet portal enabling the user to use websites and access their contents. Mobile providers hope to duplicate the speed that DSL operators provides to their subscribers minus all the lines and wires that is needed to connect.

The main difference between wireless access protocol or WAP, that was used in the 2G system, and HSDPA internet is that wap sites are designed with a simple text based interface with minimal graphics whereas new sites includes several multimedia files and uses the same interface as websites we usually go to on our PCs. Its just simplified to fit the phones screen and its content to be accessed faster through the wireless network. With the increasing reliance of people to the internet, it has created a market for cellular network operators to provide subscribers with an alternative wireless internet access using current portable devices such as mobile phones and Personal digital assistants. Also because of this reason, websites are being reformatted so that any internet protocol connection can access their contents. One of the most useful and most important feature used in UMTS internet is email. It allows users to access their mailbox and send out email messages wherever they are.

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