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General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a wireless data serviced that was introduced during the time of 2G and is till being used up to now. The service is based on Internet principles but utilizing the cellular network thus allowing the user to access some internet related activities wirelessly. GPRS generally allows an average data connection of up to 40 kilobits per second, a speed comparable to a computer dial up internet connection. But connection speed can be much higher that this average depending on the phone's capacity. One of its main benefits is that it lets the mobile phone user connect to the internet. Special protocols and formats are used for mobile internet to accommodate the limitations of cellular phone like its display for smoother web page browsing. After the inception of Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), series of modifications has been made to the system and with the introduction of color phones, a need to upgrade to full color web page display soon arose, thus leading to the GPRS service. With internet comes email on the go, where you can access your mail box practically anywhere. GPRS is also the main carrier for multimedia messages (MMS). Because of the different content of the MMS, the regular Short message service network can not handle the transmission because it was originally designed to carry only text messages. Other functions that can be performed with this connection include video streaming and web page content download.

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