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UMTS HSDPA - Highspeed Download Packet Access

HSDPA is a new modification in the 3g mobile telecommunication technology. It improves the data transfer speed over the network by five times as compared to its forerunner, the CDMA for GSM. It would like to imitate the speed of a computer direct service line (DSL) connection without all the lines that is needed for it to function.

Because of the continuing high demand of users for larger data and voice transfer, the main goal of the UMTS HSDPA technology is to allow them to download data through the wireless cellular network at speeds of up to 2 mbps. In the United States where some carrier offers HSDPA as part of their services, it is often called Broadband Connect to associate it with the speed of what a DSL has to offer.

There are other download technologies being used by 3G networks but the advantage of HSDPA is that it allows phone users to transmit data and voice at the same time thus the emergence of video call where both voice and video are simultaneously transmitted to the network. It also allows users to access web based content, meaning they can actually connect to the internet with speeds fast as if you are using a PC connected to a high speed modem.

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