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3G Smartphones

We always hear term 3G smartphone when telecommunications is concerned. Have you ever wondered why they used this term to describe the technology that we have now? Simply putting it, it basically means the third wave of mobile phone technology which includes both servicing and the cellular phones themselves. It started in the old 1G where analog was the standard. 2G saw the introduction of a digital system for clearer voice calls and actual transmission of data like text messages. 3G has expanded the capabilities of the old system and made it into a faster and efficient network where voice calls are clearer than ever and huge amounts of information can be handled with ease. Because of this, phone manufacturers try to take advantage of the benefits that 3G has to offer. Companies like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorolla developed smartphone in different operating systems that are packed with features like full screen web browsing, email, video call and conferencing and online synchronization. These phones have functions similar to a personal computer, giving the user the same benefit but doing it in under a wireless network. 3G smartphones are further being enhanced to keep phase with the advances being made in the 3G network.

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