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Cell phone email address

People may not know it but with the current connectivity of mobile phone and the internet, you can actually use your cell phone number as your email address. Though limited to some regions, this option is helpful for to send and receive simple text based email messages. The first thing you should do is to create an account with your network provider. It usually involves a text message to be sent with your cell phone number plus your providers address (@provider.com). You then receive further instruction on how to set up the address automatically. Once you finished the process, you are now ready to send text emails. There are certain limits on how many characters you can put into the message, usually up to 200 characters are allowed. Note that it will include all headings. All characters that are over the limit are automatically cut off by the system. Some network providers allows subscribers to receive customized email containing a pre-selected set of information like breaking news, business news, sports results and weather updates. The service charges a minimal amount or can be deducted to the allowed free message that a postpaid subscriber is given.

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