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Ringtone media studio

Every cell phone user's character is reflected on his mobile phone especially in the ringing tones he chooses. A guy is said to be hip and cool if he has the latest Pop or R n B tune or a guy is more on the reserved side if he has a mellower tune on his phone. Everyone can express themselves through this tones that is why the cellular phone has become an extension of one's persona. Aside from the tones that come in with the phone, people can customize the way their phones are heard from imported tones. With phones able to handle multiple audio formats, the limits for ringing tones are endless. People can always turn to their network providers for tone downloads and some third party data servers for the newest released. Often used are popular tunes are that heard on the radio or seen on TV, but sound effects are also a favorite choice for message tones. To further customize your phone's audio, Avanquest released Ring Tone Media Studio for the PC. Aside from tones that come along with the software, you can create tones from music cd, mp3's and even voice recordings. It also has a simple interface to transfer the audio file from the PC to the phone via Bluetooth, cable or infra red.

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