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Smartphone Emulator

Sometimes its necessary to use smartphone emulator on desktop computer. A lot of programs have been released in the market today for used with 3g smartphones. These products offer people different options depending on their needs which has become a tedious task for the common users as company throw around lots of selling points which may confuse the mobile user. This is one of the reason why an emulator was developed, to test out the programs interface before actually using it on the phone.

An emulator works by imitating the operating system and making it work on a different one. In this case the emulated system is the mobile phone OS that is being emulated in a windows environment. Microsoft ahs released a localized Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone emulator for the PC. Its a very small file and can be downloaded from their official website. Once installed it can now handle program installers in its original format and have it installed in the emulated environment. It allows the user to evaluate the program even with limited functions and gives him a good feel on how the program works. Once the user decides what to install based on the emulation, all of the programs functions will now be available for use in the original working environment. The emulator doesnt only serve as a testing area for programs but it was also made for program developers as well. This way, they build the programs first and correct all flaws and bugs before they do the final product for the actual mobile phone. The emulator also presents developers new ways of seeing the mobile operating system giving them new ideas on new programs to develop because it shows its capabilities and its limitations.

The Microsoft Window Mobile 5.0 emulator is available for download in their official website. A popular third party mobile web browser emulator was developed by Winwap technologies for the older smartphones. It utilizes the WAP service being offered by network providers. It lets the pc user access WAP sites, which are conveniently formatted in xhtml format for faster transfer and browsing. There are also tons of freeware available in the internet for you to try. Most of it are for WAP services but some emulators are being developed to utilize the new wireless broadband internet. For Nokia smartphone software developers, a developer emulator kit is provided through their website so people can test existing programs and also test out programs that are being constructed.

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