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Wonder how your text massages are received? What happens after you hit that send button to the time your recipient read your message? As simple as composing the product may look to you, the whole process of sending and receiving the message goes trough several process in that short moment of time. Our cellular phones are equipped with a simple software utility called SMS gateway which allows us to transmit messages in text format over the wireless network. Based on some principles used for internet email, the software uses POP3 to encrypt the message so that the network can understand and process it. After it has received been received by the network, it can then be forwarded to the intended receiver or, because of the compatibility of the file format, it can even be forwarded to an email box. The latter process is called sms to email. The process can alos be done the other way around where you can send emails to a cell phone number and that number receiving it in text format. The format is also flexible and can be adopted for other devices like a telephone digital handset or through skype internet phones.

Text messaging is a generally a person to person transmission but in some cases, automated processes sends out messages to a collective set of numbers. This is usually used for advertisement and information purposes. Network providers also use the same process to inform their subscribers of their individual accounts or any other corporate promotions. To send SMS via a device other than a cellular phone, there are several web services for SMS gateway. Some charge for a flat monthly subscription or a one time registration fee for email to sms or web to sms sending. But most of the time, the receiver of the email to text massage usually handles the cost. You may need to download and install an application for your PC in order to connect to the gateway. Try typing "SMS gateway" on google or yahoo and it will return several sites for the service. Another popular means of communicating over the internet is instant messaging with MSN and Yahoo messenger being the most popular among users. It too has incorporated sms within their service. Once an account is created, the system also asks for the user's cellular phone number where it can forward messages when the user is not online. The user can also send out an instant message through the phone via sms through specified gateway provided by the Messenger service.

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