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UMTS Phones

With the shift to 3G cellular network system by most service providers, UMTS phones or more commonly referred to as 3G phones, has started to pop up in the market in early 2005 with the hopes of attracting the buying public with new features based on the new network. Mobile phone developers like Nokia, Sony Ericcsson and Motoralla has released their 3G line during this time with enhanced features such as video calls and mobile internet connections. Building on some features that has been introduced during the GSM era, new phones are equipped with a digital camera, a video camera and even with an audio player. Sony has incorporated their Cybershot technology, used for their digital camera line, with SE phones to create better picture with higher resolutions. Also with the revival of the walkman brand for their portable audio line, it to has been incorporated to Sony Ericcson phones making them mp3 players as well. But the main features of these phones are those that utilizes the networks new functions like its faster and wider connectivity.

Some 3G phones are now equipped with an optional lens for video calling. This allows the caller to shot himself while doing a call and have the receiver see who is he talking to, this works vice versa if the receiver also has the same 3G phone feature. Push to talk technology was developed by Nokia in order for phone owners to use their units just like a walkie talkie and now with 3G, this feature is enhanced by letting several users talk to each other at the same time.

Web browsing has also been improved not only with the networks capability but with the new browsers that are installed into these phones along with new wireless technology for high speed wireless data transfer. Other internet functions you can do aside from web browsing are email, chatting and streaming. Mobile websites has been tremendously improved from the time of WAP where it can now display not only text but multimedia files as well. With all these functions packed into UMTS phones, users can now handle information much better. Say you shot a video, if you like to send it as an email attachment you dont have to extract the video file to a PC and send the email from there, you can just open up your mailbox ,attach the file and send it. All of it done conveniently in one gadget. These are just some of the selling point that manufacturers and retailers use to attract potential buyers.

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