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The Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) is a 3G wireless phone system which is employed by many network providers in regions like Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Loosely based on the old 2G system of GSM, it made use of W-CDMA technology to develop a high speed data transfer system for mobile phone owners to use. This means faster wireless connections for downloading, email and video calling. The network has been upgraded to handle high amounts of data without experiencing any slowdown or loss. But the most relevant improvement that UMTS is offering is that high speed internet is now available through the wireless network. It has speeds comparable to a personal computer that has a Dedicated Service Line (DSL) setup. Phone manufacturers have integrated new browsers on to their phones for a better and faster internet experience. There are also external modems available for PC's and Laptop that lets this machine use this new technology. Not to be confused with WiFi, the UMTS signal can be received and sent out through a router thus generating a wireless local area network. This kind of setup eliminates all wires that is needed in receiving the internet signal and to the actual distribution to its extensions.

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